The ancestors of the Enkarans had long ago been kidnapped by the Goa'uld and taken away in ships from a homeworld without a stargate, a world now long lost in oral history. When the Enkarans were faced with disaster on their new world, the SGC transported the entire population, numbering in the thousands, to P5S-381, a new homeworld with the dense ozone layer that Enkaran physiology requires as protection against even low levels of radiation that can cause blindness or death. They had begun building hundreds of new villages when a Gadmeer ship began terraforming the planet to suit a sulfur-based ecosystem. SG-1 was unable to halt the terraforming process and offered to relocate as many refugees as possible to safety, however Hedrazar, a leader among the Enkarans, refused to evacuate their village and leave the rest of their people behind. The Enkarans were faced with the annihilation of their race until the Gadmeer ship located the original Enkaran homeworld and offered to transport them to the home of their ancestors.

Cross Reference: Eliam, Gadmeer, Hedrazar, Lotan, Nikka, P5S-381

Episode Reference: Scorched Earth