Mark Gilmor had been assigned by President Hayes as a new administrative aide to General O'Neill shortly after he had taken command of the SGC. Gilmor had been a civilian analyst at the CIA for the last eight years, mostly doing background checks, but had been granted top-level clearance. In reality, his assignment was a temporary one, charged with conducting a civilian audit of O'Neill's performance before President Hayes arrived at the SGC to endorse him as the leader of the base. Gilmor announced that his assignment had come from General Hammond at the Pentagon, and he did not realize that O'Neill was aware of his true purpose on the base, having been informed by Hammond that he was being evaluated. In the five days prior to the President's arrival, Gilmor observed O'Neill's handling of multiple crises including lost contact with SG-1, threats from Ba'al, a sabotaged ZPM, bickering delegates, and an alien plant that had completely overrun the facility, and during that time his bewilderment at the General's management style turned to genuine admiration and respect.

Portrayed by: David Kaufman

Cross Reference: Henry Hayes, John Prior

Episode Reference: Zero Hour