Grace, the embodiment of childlike possibilities, appeared to Carter as a figment of her own mind. As Carter struggled against the effects of a concussion, alone aboard the Prometheus which was trapped within a gaseous nebula-like cloud that threatened to destroy the ship, she was visited by those closest to her, including O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, and Jacob, who spoke to her as part of her own subconscious mind and offered her messages of guidance and support. She was also visited by an enigmatic young girl named Grace, who attempted to appeal to her inner child. Grace would appear without explanation to sing a song, to ask her to follow, to invite her to play, or to urge her to have fun, and then just as mysteriously she would vanish. As young Grace playfully blew bubbles, Carter realized that engaging minimal power to the hyperdrive emitter would cause a partial shift into hyperspace and create a bubble that would essentially take the Prometheus out of the cloud's space-time long enough to eliminate its effects on the sub-light engines. The solution allowed her to engage the sub-light engines and to free the Prometheus from the cloud.

Portrayed by: Sasha Pieterse

Cross Reference: Samantha Carter, Nebula, Prometheus

Episode Reference: Grace