Hadante is a world that used to support life, but the ruins of an underground gate terminal over 15,000 years old are now all that remain. The underground structure, with no means of dialing out, is used as a prison colony for those condemned by the Taldor of P3X-775. SG-1 was sentenced to life imprisonment on Hadante for trespassing and carrying weapons on ancient grounds, and for offering aid to Roshure, an accused murderer. In Hadante prison, SG-1 also encountered Vishnoor, who challenged them for authority, and Simian, the blind prisoner who recognized Linea as the Destroyer of Worlds. SG-1 was able to escape from the prison by using Linea's cold fusion power source to dial the gate manually.

Cross Reference: Cold Fusion, Linea, P3X-775, Roshure, Simian, Taldor, Vishnoor

Episode Reference: Prisoners