On Cimmeria, an ancient tale tells of a hall in which Thor has placed all of his powers to protect and defend the planet. An obelisk in the forest uses a beam to transport visitors to the Hall of Thor's Might, a chamber deep underground. There a hologram of Thor declares that "Only the worthy may witness Thor's might," and presents a series of tests. For those who prove selflessness, bravery, and the wisdom to solve the Riddle of the Runes, Thor reveals himself in his true Asgard form. It was through the Hall of Thor's Might that SG-1 first encountered Thor and the Asgard.

Cross Reference: Asgard, Asgard Transport Beam, Cimmeria, Cimmerians, Gairwyn, Hall of Mjollnir, Hall of Wisdom, Holographic Projection, Runes, Thor, Thor's Hammer

Episode Reference: Thor's Chariot