Dr. Timothy Harlow, one of the world's top geneticists, had previously worked with Carter at the Pentagon. When Teal'c was stung by the insect species of BP6-3Q1, Dr. Harlow was called to the SGC to reverse the transformation of Teal'c's DNA caused by the insect venom. He was able to reverse the metamorphosis by developing experimental RNA inhibitors, used in conjunction with the natural healing abilities of Teal'c's symbiote. Although Dr. Harlow had contacted Colonel Maybourne for assistance, he became distrustful of the NID's motivation and methods, and following Teal'c's recovery he predicted that the captured insect would be involved in an unfortunate lab accident for which he would take full responsibility.

Portrayed by: Scott Hylands

Cross Reference: BP6-3Q1 Insects, Samantha Carter, Harry Maybourne, Pentagon

Episode Reference: Bane