Hebron of Paravel volunteered to become a Tok'ra host for the symbiote Tanith. Shan'auc had carried Tanith as a Goa'uld symbiote, but she believed that she had turned him from evil, and Hebron accepted the risk, knowing that he might be used as a spy. Once Tanith had taken a host, he remained true to his Goa'uld nature, he suppressed his host, and remained among the Tok'ra, who knew of his duplicity and made use of him as a counterspy. Before moving on from their base on Vorash, the Tok'ra sentenced Tanith to be removed from the host, however Tanith escaped before the sentence could be carried out. Hebron died with his symbiote when his alkesh was shot down by Teal'c in a battle on P3X-116.

Portrayed by: Peter Wingfield

Cross Reference: Anise, P3X-116, Shan'auc, Tanith, Tok'ra, Vorash

Episode Reference: Crossroads, Exodus, 48 Hours