Heimdall, an Asgard scientist, had been conducting vital research into the physiology of ancient Asgard ancestors. His work with genetic manipulation through controlled mutation was designed to help stave off genetic degradation of Asgard reproduction through cloning technology and to preserve the Asgard race. His research was based on the recent discovery near the Adara System of an Asgard ship lost 30,000 years ago, carrying a crew preserved in suspended animation from a time before genetic manipulation became irreversible. Heimdall had been conducting his research in an underground research facility on the second planet in the Adara System, under the protection of the Protected Planets Treaty. However, when the laboratory came under attack from Osiris and Anubis, SG-1 was called to rescue Heimdall and his research.

Despite Heimdall's efforts, the physiological degeneration of the Asgard was irreversible and had left each Asgard with a rapidly progressing disease. The Asgard race was dying, and to prevent further suffering, the Asgard chose to end their lives in a sort of mass suicide by destroying their homeworld of Orilla.

Portrayed by: Teryl Rothery and CGI

Cross Reference: Adara System, Asgard, Clones, Freyr, Thor

Episode Reference: Revelations