Il Fiore Bianco is a fine Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs. When Daniel wanted to find a celebratory way to say thank you to Vala for proving him right when he said the SGC should take a chance on her, and for working hard to fit in and not fall back on her old ways, he invited her for an elegant dinner at Il Fiore Bianco, although Vala interpreted the evening as a date. The pair selected from the list of featured martinis, which included chocolate, passion fruit, and shochu plum, but before they ordered their meal, Vala excused herself to visit the ladies' room and was abducted by agents of the Trust. Devon, an operative working for Athena, waited in the hallway, injected Vala with a sedative, and hurried her out to a waiting car.

Location: Palisades Luxury Suites, Vancouver

Cross Reference: Devon

Episode Reference: Memento Mori