In'tars are Goa'uld weapons used in training. They can take the form of any weapon, including those typically used by the SGC such as the MP-5 or 9mm Beretta, and can be identified by the glowing red crystal power source at the base. They are only meant to stun, although they can be adjusted for different intensities. In'tars were used by the young troops encountered by SG-1 who were training for Apophis under the Rules of Engagement, and in'tar weapons acquired by the SGC after that mission have also been used in SGC training scenarios on Earth. When Jonas first joined the SGC, he also carried an in'tar handgun as his weapon of choice.

Cross Reference: Goa'uld Language, Rules of Engagement, Weapons, Zat'nik'tel

Episode Reference: Rules of Engagement, Proving Ground, Shadow Play