Jacek is Vala's father, although Vala views him with bitter resentment. A charming con man, Jacek had spent an entire lifetime taking advantage of people and moving from one scheme to the next. By his own admission he was not the best husband or father, having had several wives in addition to Vala's mother. He had been absent for the first three years of Vala's life, running scams out of the Nylus sector, and he would be gone for months at a time, only to return to lay low or to hide from the people he had swindled. Nevertheless, Vala, who inherited more of his personality traits than she cares to admit, does have fond memories from her early childhood. When she was young, she would look forward to Jacek's return and the stories he would tell, and he would bring her presents from his travels that she kept as treasured keepsakes under her bed. When she was little, Jacek would take her to Meronat, a little world with two suns, and there was an afternoon they once spent together on Serras-Dia running for their lives from the authorities.

When Jacek made video contact with the SGC, promising information that could impact the very survival of Earth, Vala was certain it was another of his scams. She had not seen her father in years, and Vala wanted nothing to do with him, although Jacek insisted he wanted to start fresh and rekindle the relationship they had once had. Jacek claimed that although the Jaffa Arkad had died, the threat to Earth that he had set in motion still existed and that naquadah-loaded cargo ships were still prepared to launch an attack. He offered to share what he knew in return for sanctuary on Earth, and when his initial intel seemed to check out, Landry agreed to the arrangement and Jacek arrived through the stargate.

Jacek began his new life on Earth with an enormous amount of luggage and an apartment, number 604, decorated in a tacky style that rivaled even his loud Hawaiian shirts. Although the Air Force provided his living expenses, Jacek quickly fell back on his old ways and supplemented his income with new scams. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he held afternoon Bingo games in his apartment that took advantage of the senior ladies in the building, his charity phone scam appealed to the plight of Little Pepito who needed a new set of kidneys, he peddled genuine Stardust on the internet for $19.95 which promised to tap into the power of the Alpha Force, the core energy of the universe, and he was preparing to launch his "Eat For Your Eye Color" diet book. Still, he relied on his unmitigated charm to win over Vala and her friends at the SGC, and he even offered Teal'c one of the tickets he had acquired to "The Virginia Dialogues," which Teal'c discovered only too late was in fact "The Vagina Monologues."

Jacek's true motivation in coming to Earth became apparent when he slipped away for a secret rendezvous with Te'rak, a Jaffa, just outside of Colorado Springs. Jacek knew that one of Arkad's cargo ships was already on Earth, and he had arranged to come to Earth so that he could negotiate with Arkad's Jaffa who were having second thoughts about their mission. His intention was to make a deal with the Jaffa to sell the naquadah and split the profits. Knowing that Jacek could not be trusted, SG-1 set up their own scam to recover Arkad's cargo ship, which was located approximately 30 miles outside of Cheyenne Mountain in preparation for an attack on the stargate. SG-1 confronted and eliminated Arkad's Jaffa, led by De'vir, and directed Jacek to a decoy cargo ship which contained only lead bars in packing peanuts. On the pretext of overriding the destruct code, Jacek boarded the cargo ship and promptly absconded with it, allowing SG-1 to recover the real cargo ship and its naquadah.

Despite her bitterness, Vala had become resigned to the type of man her father is, and she added his latest necklace from Meronat to the box of treasures she refused to admit that she still kept under her bed. Meanwhile, on another world, Jacek found a trader willing to make a deal for the worthless lead bars and the packing peanuts, which Jacek promoted as edible Jibbaran virility enhancers.

Portrayed by: Fred Willard

Cross Reference: Arkad, De'vir, Hazel, Vala Mal Doran, Te'rak, Virginia Dialogues

Episode Reference: Family Ties