Jackie had graduated from George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas with Cameron Mitchell in 1987, and she was among the members of the graduating class who returned to the school for their 20th high school reunion. Jackie greeted Mitchell enthusiastically at the reunion, but she didn't recognize Vala, Mitchell's date. When asked if she had attended George Washington, Vala replied that she didn't attend school as much as she was sold as a domestic servant to a weapons smuggler named Fierenze, and after she had killed him and won her freedom, she considered her education more or less complete. Uncertain what to make of her reply, Jackie kept a suspicious eye on Vala for the rest of the evening, and after the hostage crisis was resolved in which SG-1 captured bounty hunter Odai Ventrell in front of stunned witnesses, Jackie noted with satisfaction that she knew something was wrong with that woman.

Portrayed by: Jackie Blackmore

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Darrell, George Washington High School, Phil, Amy Vandenberg, Gary Walesco

Episode Reference: Bounty