Among the Sodan, Kel Shak Lo is a rite of justice, the ritual battle to the death with another warrior. When blood is spilled, the laws of the Sodan decree that one must answer for it. On the eve of battle, Lord Haikon, leader of the Sodan, determines the warrior who will fight the accused, usually the closest blood kin to the slain warrior.

When SG-1 journeyed to the Sodan world, they were ambushed for trespassing on sacred ground, and Mitchell faced Volnek in battle. Both were badly wounded, and the Sodan believed Volnek to be dead. Lord Haikon decreed that Mitchell must answer for the crime of spilling Sodan blood by facing Volnek's brother, Jolan, in Kel Shak Lo. First, Jolan was ordered to train Mitchell in Jomo Se Telek, the fighting style of the Sodan warrior, using the bladed Krantu weapon and a unique style of martial arts. During this training, Jolan came to respect his adversary, and on the day they faced each other in ritual battle, Jolan gave Mitchell an elixir that would simulate death, allowing him to survive his defeat. Mitchell was declared dead, and Jolan administered the Rite of Shel Mak Assah, granted to one who fights and dies as a warrior. He then carried Mitchell away from the village, where he awakened seven hours later and was permitted to return to Earth.

Cross Reference: Goa'uld Language, Haikon, Jolan, Jomo Se Telek, Krantu, Sodan

Episode Reference: Babylon