Kendrick and his son Nevin were inhabitants of the domed village on P3X-289. Kendrick, a gardener, welcomed SG-1 to his home. The villagers realized that their garden world was an oasis of illusion created by the central computer which maintained the dome and controlled the direct neural interface known as the link. Kendrick, recognizing that his son idolized O'Neill, accepted SG-1's offer to relocate to a new planet where his son could grow up in a world with more opportunities, however, when his memories were altered through the link, he insisted that he had no intention of leaving. When the population became aware that the dome was shrinking and their village was threatened, Kendrick and his son and the inhabitants of P3X-289 were relocated to a new homeworld.

Portrayed by: Peter LaCroix

Cross Reference: Councilman, Councilwoman, Evalla, Link, Nevin, P3X-289, Pallan

Episode Reference: Revisions