Kim had been married to Hank Landry for 12 years, and together they had had a daughter, Carolyn. However, the pressure of Landry's job in the military had put a strain on their relationship and the marriage had ended. Kim had raised her daughter, who used the name Carolyn Lam, and the two remained in close touch, but she had not spoken to her ex-husband for more than five years. Hoping to heal old wounds, Landry asked for Carolyn's help in arranging a meeting with Kim on his behalf. Kim had been traveling in Europe, but upon her return she was passing through Colorado Springs, and she agreed to meet Landry and Carolyn for dinner, where the three of them began to reopen communication after many years.

Portrayed by: Lillianne Dieuique-Lee

Cross Reference: Carolyn Lam, Hank Landry

Episode Reference: Family Ties