Linea, known as the "Destroyer of Worlds," was accused of causing a plague that devastated entire planets. She was convicted by the Taldor, and sent to Hadante prison where she held an enigmatic authority over the other prisoners. She welcomed SG-1 to her prison world, and offered the explanation that her crime had been to offer a medicine that had failed to inhibit the spread of the disease. In addition to her work with medicine, Linea had also developed chemical cold fusion that could be used to power the stargate, and SG-1 unsuspectingly helped her to escape when she traded her power source for her freedom. At the SGC, she accessed the computer database to gain knowledge of the stargate network, and she escaped through the stargate, leaving behind a parting message, "Thank you for your kindness. All debts have now been paid."

Linea traveled to Vyus where she worked with Dr. Zirvis on experiments using dargol to slow the aging process and restore youth. However, she became a victim of her own medical experiments when a chain reaction known as the Vorlix caused the entire population to become instantly young, but to lose all memory of their past. Linea took the name Ke'ra and lived among the Vyans, searching for an antidote for the global amnesia.

Portrayed by: Bonnie Bartlett

Cross Reference: Cold Fusion, Dargol, Dr. Greene, Hadante, Ke'ra, Mayris, Orner, Roshure, Simian, Taldor, Vishnoor, Vorlix, Vyans, Vyus

Episode Reference: Prisoners, Past and Present