Dr. Marell and his colleagues, Dr. Amuro and Dr. Reya Varrick, had been working on the project to develop memory implant technology on Galar. Marell had been married to Reya Varrick, the head of the project, but their work had interfered with their marriage, and they had been separated for about two years, although Marell continued to hope that a reconciliation was possible.

When Dr. Varrick was murdered, and Mitchell awoke with the memories of the murderer, Marell and his colleagues assumed that Mitchell had been framed and that the military was responsible for the murder because of Varrick's opposition to the militarization of the project. However, Mitchell insisted on submitting to testing by the memory implant device in order to identify the real killer, and Drs. Marell and Amuro cooperated in the investigation.

The testing revealed that Marell himself was the murderer. Jealous of the interest Mitchell had shown in his wife, Marell had killed her and had implanted the memory of the murder into Mitchell's mind before erasing it from his own. With his memories erased, Dr. Marell didn't realize that he had killed his wife, but when the Emissary learned of Marell's guilt, he arranged to have Marell's memories altered again. Dr. Marell came to believe that Reya Varrick had been killed in an accident, he had no memory of meeting SG-1 or of the murder investigation, and the entire incident was concealed and dropped as Dr. Marell returned to work, for the good of the project.

Portrayed by: Warren Kimmel

Cross Reference: Dr. Amuro, Emissary, Galar, Galarans, Memory Implant Device, Reya Varrick

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage