Mary is an inhabitant of the Medieval Christian village of a distant planet. Her parents had been chosen as human sacrifices, and since then Simon had acted as her guardian. The following year she became ill with chicken pox and was herself chosen by the Canon as a possessed soul to be sacrificed to the demon Unas. She was due to undergo the trepanning ritual by the Elders to cleanse her soul. The trepanning ritual is a procedure often done in the Middle Ages in which a hole is drilled into a person's skull so that the evil spirits are released, thus saving the person from eternal damnation. The ritual was prevented by SG-1, and in retaliation the Canon chose both Mary and SG-1 for sacrifice to the Unas. However, they were able to make their escape and defeat the Unas and the Canon, freeing the people from future sacrifices.

Portrayed by: Laura Mennell

Cross Reference: Canon, Simon

Episode Reference: Demons