Matar is one of the leading citizens of the medieval village of P9C-882. When a Prior visited his village, he did not believe the word of the Ori, and he agreed with the decision of Thilana, the village leader, to turn to SG-1 for help. However, when SG-1 failed to protect the village from invasion by Ori warriors, his patience with their promises faded. He betrayed SG-1 and willingly subjugated himself to the false gods, pleading with the Prior to spare his people. He insisted to Thilana that she sacrifice Teal'c to the invaders and embrace Origin on behalf of the village, but then he tearfully relented as she convinced him that it is better to die in noble peace and truth of spirit than to sacrifice an innocent life. The Prior ordered the destruction of the village, but Carter and Mitchell succeeded in activating Merlin's device to take the village out of phase, and the town was spared.

Portrayed by: Aaron Craven

Cross Reference: P9C-882, Thilana

Episode Reference: Line in the Sand