Anubis has used a mind probe to download the knowledge within an individual's mind. The device, shaped like a small spiked sphere and based on a technology unfamiliar to even the Asgard, was implanted into Thor's brain, and Anubis downloaded all the knowledge of the Asgard into the memory banks of his ship's computers. Although Thor was rescued and the device removed and studied, Thor's mind remained linked with the ship's computers and his consciousness stored within the memory crystals of the ship's computer core. SG-1 later retrieved the memory crystals and transferred Thor's consciousness into a new cloned body.

Anubis also used the mind probe device on Jonas, and through it he was able to gain all of Jonas's knowledge of his homeworld, of Earth, and of the SGC. Jonas recovered quickly following the incident, however significant security precautions were put in place afterward due to the security breach such knowledge represented. SG-1 theorized that the mind probe worked only on the conscious mind, and would be ineffective in gaining access to the subconscious mind.

Cross Reference: Anubis, Jonas Quinn, Thor

Episode Reference: Revelations, Fallen