Frank Mitchell is the father of Cameron Mitchell. He and his wife, Wendy, raised their son in the rural community of Auburn, Kansas, where they still reside on a farm. Frank was an Air Force test pilot, and when Cameron was about ten years old, Frank had been involved in an accident in which he had lost both his legs at the knee. His son visited him in the VA hospital, and a couple of months later they had watched together as the first space shuttle was launched. Frank recovered from his accident and learned to walk on two artificial legs with the assistance of two crutches. Cameron has maintained a close relationship with his father, and he eventually followed in his father's footsteps and became an Air Force pilot himself. It was Frank who convinced his son not to resign his commission after a friendly fire incident had left him wracked with guilt. When Cameron returned to his hometown for his 20th high school reunion, he was accompanied by Vala, and the two of them stayed at his parents' home. Frank welcomed them warmly despite his initial bewilderment stemming from the mistaken impression that Cameron and Vala were a serious couple.

Portrayed by: Ian Robison

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Cameron Mitchell, Wendy Mitchell

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage, Bounty