Following the civil war and the defeat of the fundamentalist rebels, Nadal became the new president of the Rand Protectorate on Tegalus, and when a Prior of the Ori visited the planet, President Nadal openly embraced Origin. The Prior offered schematics of a sophisticated satellite weapon that would assure Rand's superiority over neighboring Caledonia, and Nadal readily accepted the guarantee of world domination. When Senator Kane feared a return to global war and sought SG-1's help to destroy the weapon, he and Daniel were arrested and charged with treason and detained for trial as enemies of the state. His fear of Caledonia bordering on paranoia, Nadal believed Kane's betrayal proved that he was cooperating with a network of Caledonian spies. Angered and threatened by SG-1's interference, Nadal gave the order that destroyed the Prometheus using the new satellite weapon, and he prepared to destroy the Caledonian capital city. However, his military commander, Goran Pernaux, recognized Nadal's madness and contradicted the order. Pernaux shot and killed Nadal, and he took Nadals' place as the president of the Rand Protectorate.

Portrayed by: John Aylward

Cross Reference: Caledonian Federation, Chaska, Jared Kane, Ori Satellite Weapon, Goran Pernaux, Rand Protectorate, Tegalus

Episode Reference: Ethon