Olokun was a System Lord with a reputation for revenge, willing to commit murder out of spite. As one of the System Lords to attend the summit meeting in the Hassara System, Olokun voted to allow Anubis's return to the rank of System Lord. However, as Anubis consolidated his power base, his forces moved against Olokun. Anubis won a major victory when his Kull Warriors slaughtered thousands of Olokun's Jaffa and captured many of his commanders. Rebel Jaffa who had hoped to recruit Olokun's Jaffa into their ranks found his forces decimated. After the fall of Anubis, Ba'al took command of Anubis's forces, and in the war between Ba'al and the System Lords, Olokun was killed.

Portrayed by: Kwesi Ameyaw

Cross Reference: Goa'uld, Hassara System, System Lords

Episode Reference: Summit, Last Stand