On the world where the Sangreal had been hidden, Osric was the keeper of the village archives. An elderly gentleman, pleasant in nature and knowledgeable about the legend of the Sangreal on his world, he shared with SG-1 the Parchment of Virtues left behind by Morgan Le Fay. He refused to share the map that would guide the way, however, explaining that Ba'al had tried to steal it earlier.

When the Ori warriors invaded the village and burned the archives, Adria used Osric to her own ends. SG-1 was sought out by Osric, who insisted he was being hunted by the army and asked to join SG-1 on their quest, claiming that he had memorized the map. Osric accompanied SG-1 on their journey, but his behavior made Daniel suspicious. Osric wore a ring with Ori markings rather than the Celtic engraving that would have been expected given the cultural background of the planet. He also challenged Daniel's argument that the Ori are not true gods, quoting, "Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes," which Daniel recognized as a paraphrase from the Book of Origin, "Truth eludes he who does not seek it with both eyes wide." At the entrance to the cave, SG-1 confronted Osric, and his appearance shifted into that of Adria. She had taken Osric's identity as a disguise to deceive SG-1 into leading her to the Sangreal, knowing that she could not, as an Ori, claim it herself.

Portrayed by: Rod Loomis

Cross Reference: Adria, Parchment of Virtues, Sangreal Planet

Episode Reference: The Quest