P2S-4C3 was a planet in the midst of a cold war. For several years, an uneasy peace had resulted from the rivalry among the three major powers on the planet, Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation. When the Tiranians and the Andaris signed a non-aggression pact, and Tirania began massing troops on Kelowna's northern border, Kelowna was left in a vulnerable position. Kelowna had access to both the stargate, which was not yet public knowledge, and to the powerful mineral naquadria, from which they had developed a weapon that could devastate the planet. The Kelownans turned to Earth for military aid as an alternative to using the naquadria weapon, but they were turned down by the Pentagon. The three nations went to war, and the Kelownans, faced with their own destruction, used the naquadria bomb, with devastating results. Although they regretted the decision, it brought the Tiranians and Andaris to the table, and a cease fire was negotiated, just as their world came under attack by Anubis, who sought to claim the naquadria for himself. Following Ba'al's defeat of Anubis in the battle for Kelowna, the three nations selected "Langara" as the new name for their planet. However, decades of animosity were not easily overcome, and when the expansion of naquadria deep underground threatened to obliterate the planet, the crisis was averted with help from the SGC, despite the lack of international cooperation among the Langarans. The SGC maintained contact with the planet, however, when Ori warships entered the galaxy, Langara was one of many worlds that fell to the armies of the Ori.

Cross Reference: Andari Federation, Kelowna, Langara, Naquadria, Jonas Quinn, Tirania

Episode Reference: Meridian, Shadow Play, Homecoming, Fallout