P2X-338 is a hot, arid, and deserted planet with ties to ancient Babylon, a name which means "Gate of the Gods." An ancient tablet discovered in southern Iraq by Russian archaeologist Alexander Britski, had contained the gate address for P2X-338. The newly formed Russian stargate program sent a team to the planet shortly before their program was shut down, and the team remained missing. A second Russian team participated in a joint rescue mission with SG-1, and upon returning to the planet, they found a 4000 year old ziggurat with inscriptions in Babylonian cuneiform, and a sarcophagus that had held the Goa'uld Marduk, who had been freed by the earlier Russian expedition. The ziggurat and Marduk were destroyed, and only SG-1 and Lieutenant Tolinev returned from the planet alive.

Cross Reference: Alexander Britski, Eye of Tiamat, Valentine Kirensky, Lieutenant Marchenko, Marduk, Russians, Russian Officers, Russian Stargate, Lieutenant Tolinev, Major Vallarin, Colonel Zukhov

Episode Reference: The Tomb