P3X-367 is a forested planet with villages surrounding a large forbidding fortress. A great plague had befallen the inhabitants, causing grotesque disfigurement and many deaths, and the population had been nearly wiped out. When Nirrti arrived after her release from the SGC, she saw the opportunity to continue her experiments in genetic manipulation. In her effort to create a hok'tar, or advanced human host, she subjected the inhabitants to a DNA resequencer, convincing them that she was curing them of their sickness. The genetic alteration created powers of telekinesis or telepathy in a few inhabitants such as Wodan and Eggar, but most died from the treatments until the people turned against Nirrti and killed her. They plan to use the device to make themselves whole again before destroying it.

Cross Reference: Alebran, DNA Resequencer, Eggar, Sergei Evanov, Hok'tar, Nirrti, Russians, Wodan

Episode Reference: Metamorphosis