P3X-666 is a world of gentle mountains and open fields. SG-13, under Colonel Dixon, was assigned the standard recon mission to the planet where they found the ruins of a city once built by the Ancients. Although the MALP indicated no sign of recent Goa'uld activity, SG-13 encountered a Goa'uld reconnaissance probe which fired on the team and sent a long-range communication before it was disabled. The probe alerted the Goa'uld, and when SG-13 was ambushed by an army of Jaffa arriving in ships, SG-1, SG-5, SG-7, and Dr. Fraiser were sent to the planet as reinforcements. Although the members of SG-13 were rescued, Dr. Fraiser lost her life in the bloody battle that followed.

Cross Reference: Balinsky, Bosworth, Emmett Bregman, David Dixon, Janet Fraiser, Probe, Simon Wells, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: Heroes