P6G-452 is a world of open fields and cultivated farmland, with at least two moons visible in the sky. The planet is under the control of the Lucian Alliance, and the largely agriculture-based economy relies on a simple technological level of manual or animal powered farming. The main crop, a highly addictive corn-like grain known as kassa, represents two-thirds of the kassa crop controlled by the Alliance. When Colonel Reynolds and SG-3 first encountered kassa at a marketplace on another world, they pressured the locals for the gate address to P6G-452 where the crop was raised, and SG-1 visited the planet to investigate the origin of the addictive grain. Posing as buyers and smugglers, SG-1 was captured by Worrel, an operative of the Lucian Alliance, and when Ba'al unexpectedly stole the planet's stargate by beaming it away, SG-1 found themselves not only prisoners of the Lucian Alliance, but also blamed for the disappearance of the gate.

Cross Reference: Kassa, Lucian Alliance, Netan, Odyssey, Worrel

Episode Reference: Off the Grid