P9G-844, a world once inhabited by the Ancients, now shrouded in the mists of time, had been the homeworld of the Sodan for 5000 years. On this forested world, the stargate is located a great distance from the quaint wooden village of Asian-like influence where the Sodan made their home. To reach the stargate from the village took months on foot through the mountains of Dor Tanak, and none who attempted the journey had ever survived. Instead, the Sodan relied on the Eye of the Gods, an obelisk of Ancient technology that instantly transported them between the village and the stargate. Ancient technology may have also shielded the planet from sensor readings, for after Mitchell's capture by the Sodan, ground sweeps and surface scans by the Prometheus and UAV readings gave no indication of his presence. When P9G-844 was visited by a Prior of the Ori, the Sodan did not embrace Origin, and for their treason they were wiped out. The village was destroyed and only Haikon, the leader of the Sodan, survived. The planet is now uninhabited.

Cross Reference: Ancients, Eye of the Gods, Haikon, Jolan, Sodan, Volnek

Episode Reference: Babylon, The Fourth Horseman, Arthur's Mantle