P9J-333 is a forested world. Its sun gives a yellowish cast to its sky, and a large moon hangs low on the horizon. The inhabitants are simple villagers who had already been visited by a Prior of the Ori. SG-3 visited the planet with orders to observe and make first contact with the locals only if they should choose to reject Origin, and they used the newly modified Sodan cloaking devices to remain inconspicuous. Shortly after the mission, however, several inhabitants were suddenly attacked and mauled by a vicious creature, even though the locals had never encountered a native creature capable of such an act. During a return mission to the planet, a huge monstrous creature was killed by a grenade and brought back to the SGC for study. It was determined that the modifications made to the Sodan cloak had accidentally allowed a leech-like parasitic creature from a parallel dimension to cross over into our dimension. The parasite had entered the body of an indigenous mammal, normally a shy, docile herbivore, and had begun altering the host's DNA, causing rapid and extensive mutations, resulting in the ferocious predatory carnivore that had attacked the population. When the mutated creature had been killed and the Sodan cloak was no longer being used, the incidents ceased, and the inhabitants returned to their peaceful way of life.

Cross Reference: Inter-Dimensional Parasites

Episode Reference: Uninvited