Phil had graduated from George Washington High School in Auburn, Kansas with Cameron Mitchell in 1987, and he was among the members of the graduating class who returned to the school for their 20th high school reunion. However, an Oranian bounty hunter working for the Lucian Alliance had also come to the reunion with the intention of capturing Mitchell and SG-1, and as Phil arrived at the school, he was stopped in the parking lot by the bounty hunter who rendered him unconscious with an alien energy weapon, then used an advanced scanning device to take on Phil's physical appearance.

The bounty hunter, using Phil's identity, entered the school where he was greeted as an old friend by fellow graduate Gary Walesco, but he placed his hand on Gary's shoulder, causing bizarre convulsions of the head and neck, and left him seated at a table, unconscious and unresponsive for the rest of the evening. As the bounty hunter pursued Mitchell into the hallway, however, he encountered Odai Ventrell, another bounty hunter seeking the same prize, who knocked him unconscious. One shot from Ventrell's alien weapon was no doubt fatal as the bounty hunter returned to his own appearance, and Ventrell left him in the custodian's closet as he went after Mitchell himself. It is uncertain whether Phil recovered from his attack in the parking lot.

Portrayed by: Rob Hayter

Cross Reference: Auburn Kansas, Darrell, George Washington High School, Jackie, Amy Vandenberg, Gary Walesco

Episode Reference: Bounty