Rafael, an anti-Honduran extremist, was the leader of a small group of revolutionaries who typically financed their anti-government war with ransom money. He and his men pursued Daniel, Dr. Lee, and their guide, Rogelio, from a small café 20 miles outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, into the jungle on their expedition to find Telchak's temple. Rafael kidnapped Daniel and Dr. Lee and acquired the reanimation device they had discovered, then crossed the border into Nicaragua and demanded a ransom from the US government. Demanding to know the purpose of the reanimation device, he used electroshock torture on his victims, and threatened to kill them if the ransom was not paid. Once he had activated the reanimation device, he was affected by its energy, exhibiting fearless invincibility and increasingly erratic behavior, even killing his own man, Chalo, for standing against him. Rafael and his men were killed by O'Neill and CIA operative Burke, who had been authorized for the rescue mission of Daniel and Dr. Lee.

Portrayed by: Frank Roman

Cross Reference: Burke, Chalo, Rogelio Duran, Bill Lee, Pedro, Reanimation Device

Episode Reference: Evolution