Ramius was a Goa'uld who was among the rivals targeted by Anubis as he launched attacks against System Lords and absorbed their forces into his own. As the Goa'uld united against Anubis, Ramius and Tilgath arranged a summit to forge an alliance against their common enemy. However, a single Kull Warrior sent by Anubis infiltrated the summit and decimated the forces of both sides. Ramius's Jaffa were killed, his First Prime was mortally wounded, and Ramius himself barely escaped alive.

Ramius remained a target, and SG-1, with support from Rebel Jaffa within Ramius's ranks, attempted to capture a live Kull Warrior when he pursued Ramius to his home planet. Instead, Ramius's forces captured and imprisoned SG-1, but they were no match for the Kull Warrior, who eliminated the Jaffa forces and succeeded in killing Ramius.

Portrayed by: Sean Whale

Cross Reference: Adal, Anubis, Goa'uld, Kull Warrior, Tilgath

Episode Reference: Evolution