Detective J. Ryan is an officer with the Metro Police of Colorado Springs and a regular patron of Sol's Diner. When Vala single-handedly subdued two thugs who had attempted to rob the diner, Detective Ryan took her statement afterward at the police station. Because she had lost her memory, she gave her name as "Valerie Todad," taking her cue from a child's painting in Ryan's office labeled "To Dad." Her self defense skills and her evasive answers aroused his suspicions, and Ryan sent out a police bulletin for her identification. Although he gently encouraged her to confide in him, when she did explain her loss of memory, he didn't believe her. When a Trust operative impersonating Colonel Carter arrived to arrest Vala as a matter of national security, he released Vala to the custody of the operative, but when SG-1 arrived shortly afterward, he offered his cooperation, providing leads to help them find Vala.

Portrayed by: Adrian Holmes

Cross Reference: Sol's Diner, Val

Episode Reference: Memento Mori