Sal is the soft hearted owner of Sol's Diner in Colorado Springs. When Vala was kidnapped by Athena and agents of the Trust, she was subjected to Goa'uld technology that caused her to lose her memory. Wandering the streets alone and confused, she entered Sol's Diner for a meal, but she was intercepted by Sal as she attempted to leave the diner without paying. Despite the fact that Sal owed rent on the diner as well as a mortgage, and he had a wife, three kids, and a shih tzu with a recurring gastrointestinal condition that required a very specialized diet, he took pity on Vala when she explained that she had no memory and no means to pay. Sal took a paternal interest in Vala, and he offered to take her in, giving her a place to sleep and a job as a waitress.

Portrayed by: Don Stark

Cross Reference: Sol's Diner, Val

Episode Reference: Memento Mori