The Serrakin are a humanoid race with a reptilian appearance. Thousands of years ago they helped to liberate the Hebridan from the Goa'uld, and they have shared their advanced technology with the Hebridan and lived among them in harmony ever since.

SG-1 first encountered the Serrakin when the Seberus, a Hebridan prison ship commanded by Warrick Finn, crashed on P2X-005. They later returned to visit Warrick's home planet of Hebridan at his invitation, and have opened diplomatic relations between Earth and the leadership of Hebridan.

Two Serrakins were also among the bounty hunters who sought the reward offered by Netan for the capture of Mitchell, however they were eliminated en route to Earth by Odai Ventrell, who sought the prize for himself.

Cross Reference: Coyle Boron, Eamon Finn, Warrick Finn, Miles Hagan, Hebridan, Hebridans, Loop of Kon Garat, P2X-005, Seberus, Del Tynan

Episode Reference: Forsaken, Space Race, Bounty