Following the second Abydos mission, the President ordered the formation of 9 SG teams whose duties would be to perform reconnaissance, determine threats, and if possible, to make peaceful contact with the peoples of other worlds. A presidential directive later expanded the orders to evaluate the scientific and cultural value of each mission. The overall mandate of stargate teams remains to seek new allies and procure technologies to aid in the defense against the Goa'uld or other alien aggressors.

The teams operate on a covert top secret basis from Cheyenne Mountain. As the Stargate Program grew, additional teams were added. By the seventh year, more than 20 SG teams had been established. As the teams made contact with other worlds, they observed a standard policy of off-world protocol. Once a civilization has reached a certain level of development, first contact is not made in person. Instead, the MALP is sent to make contact, and if the civilization shows interest in extraterrestrial visitors, an SG team will follow.

The flagship team, designated SG-1, under the command of Colonel Jack O'Neill, included Captain Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson, with the later addition of Teal'c. Jonas Quinn joined SG-1 after Daniel had ascended, and when Daniel returned to SG-1, Jonas returned to his people on Kelowna. When O'Neill was promoted and took command of the SGC, Lieutenant Colonel Carter became the commanding officer of SG-1. Following the defeat of the System Lords and the Replicators, SG-1 was disbanded. O'Neill had been transferred to Washington, Carter was overseeing Research and Development at Area 51, Daniel had requested reassignment to Atlantis, and Teal'c left the SGC to help build the new Jaffa Nation. With the threat of the Ori, however, SG-1 was reunited under the joint command of Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Lieutenant Colonel Carter, and Vala became an official member the following year.

In addition to SG-1, the SG teams include:

SG-10, SG-11, SG-12 added after the first year

SG-13, SG-14, SG-15 added after the second year

SG-16, SG-17 in operation by the fifth year

SG-18, SG-19, SG-20, SG-21 in operation by the seventh year

SG-22 in operation by the ninth year

SG-25 in operation by the tenth year

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First Introduced: Children of the Gods