Vernon Sharpe runs the Glenwood Market and full service gas station about 30 kilometers outside of Colorado Springs. He is a veteran of the Gulf War and has believed since his service that he was affected by chemical warfare in the Gulf. Following SG-1's discovery of an Ancient inter-dimensional device that passes on the ability to see into another dimension, Sharpe's contact with O'Neill gave him the ability to see inter-dimensional beings which appeared as enormous insects. What he assumed to be hallucinations only served to increase his paranoia and cause him to believe that he was a victim of government experimentation and that the military intended to kill him for what he knows. He breached the quarantine area, fled to the Piedmont Hawthorne Airfield, and bought a ticket for Las Vegas before SG-1 was able to trace him through information from his grandmother. O'Neill passed on the reverse effect of the inter-dimensional device to him, and appealed to his patriotism to keep the story quiet.

Portrayed by: Jody Racicot

Cross Reference: Inter-Dimensional Device, Inter-Dimensional Insects, Mrs. Sharpe

Episode Reference: Sight Unseen