Sheriff Wade Stokes was the sheriff of the small northern Minnesota community of Silver Creek. When a hunter was mauled by a creature assumed to be a grizzly bear, Sheriff Stokes and his three deputies were called to investigate, but rather than close the park area during the crisis, Stokes decided to allow the hunters to deal with the bear before it killed again. However, the creature was not a bear but rather an enormous genetic mutation, the result of a parasitic creature from a parallel dimension taking an indigenous animal as a host, and Stokes realized something was out of the ordinary when the investigation into two deaths by a "bear" was taken over by the Air Force in the interest of national security. As Stokes prepared to leave the scene of the incident, the monstrous creature suddenly leaped from the woods, grabbed him, and dragged him away. Sheriff Stokes was killed and his badly mauled body was later found some distance away.

Portrayed by: John Murphy

Cross Reference: Inter-Dimensional Parasites, Silver Creek

Episode Reference: Uninvited