Tomin was a villager in Ver Isca in the Ori galaxy. A kind and gentle man who was often shunned by other villagers because of a limp that had left him crippled since childhood and unworthy in the eyes of the Ori, Tomin was a devout follower of Origin who longed to serve his gods. When Vala was drawn through the singularity into the Ori galaxy, it was Tomin who discovered her, injured and unconscious. Believing that the gods had sent her to him, he took her in and cared for her as she recovered. When Vala became pregnant without having had physical relations with Tomin, she feared for her life, and she convinced Tomin to marry her, hoping that the timing of the birth would allow him to believe that the child was his. However, the Prior informed Tomin that the injury that had crippled him had also made it impossible for him to father children, and Vala's child was "the will of the Ori." Tomin accepted the Ori's will, and when the Prior blessed him and cured his limp, he was proudly conscripted into the Ori army, at last achieving his life's goal of serving the Ori in their holy crusade.

Despite being a gentle and honest soul, Tomin had been raised since birth to follow Origin without question and to kill all unbelievers, and although Vala tried to turn him from his faith, he would not be dissuaded. Following the failed attempt of the anti-Ori underground to destroy the Ori warships, Tomin was sent to eliminate the traitors, and he killed Seevis and Denya, then turned his weapon on Vala. She convinced him that she had been coerced, that she believed the Prior's prophecy concerning her child, and that she wanted to accompany him on his holy crusade, and Tomin relented and spared her life.

Tomin was aboard one of the Ori starcraft as it entered the Milky Way Galaxy through the supergate, and he was at his wife's side as Vala gave birth to Adria, the Orici who would lead the Ori forces. He still hoped to save Vala's soul by turning her to Origin, however, in a confrontation with Vala, Daniel, and Adria, Tomin's weapon accidentally wounded Vala, and he himself was stunned by Daniel's weapon as Daniel and Vala made their escape.

Vala next encountered Tomin on P9C-882 where he commanded the Ori ground forces that arrived to conquer the planet. Tomin gave the order to gather and execute those who resisted, and he had Vala ringed aboard the Ori ship. Tomin had become a ruthless and skillful warrior and a fine leader, but his punishment for having been deceived by Vala was to teach her until she accepted Origin. However, when the Prior interpreted the parable of Markon to justify the destruction of P9C-882 because those who permit transgressions must be punished, Tomin insisted that the scripture instead promised forgiveness for those who return to the path, and he began to question his faith. Angrily, Tomin confronted the Prior, refusing to massacre innocent people or to allow the holy doctrine to be twisted. Admitting to Vala that he still loved her, and at great risk to his own life, Tomin helped Vala to escape to the planet's surface before the Ori ship left orbit.

Portrayed by: Tim Guinee

Cross Reference: Vala Mal Doran, Ori Warriors, P9C-882, Ver Isca

Episode Reference: Crusade, Flesh and Blood, Line in the Sand