Togar, of P4X-884, implanted an advanced microscopic device into the brains of SG-1, designed to experience alien cultures vicariously. It caused sensitivity to suggestion, and produced unexplained cravings and increased acuity of the senses, especially taste and smell. Urgo, the alternate virtual personality that was the projection of the technology, appeared to SG-1 as a result of an error in the visual communication interface. Unable to be seen by other SG personnel, Urgo was an ebullient personality with a ceaseless enthusiasm and childlike curiosity. Both endearing and annoying, Urgo was also self aware, and SG-1 convinced Togar to transfer the implant into his own brain so that Urgo could continue to live, experience the universe, and eat pie.

Portrayed by: Dom DeLuise*
*Father of Peter DeLuise

Cross Reference: P4X-884, Togar, Young Urgo

Episode Reference: Urgo