Vachna, an inhabitant of P8X-412, had been sick for some time and had lost the ability to stand, but when a Prior visited his world, he was cured by the "will of the Ori" and told to spread the news. He was the first of his people to accept the Ori, because of the miracle he had experienced, and he encouraged others to embrace Origin. However, others were reluctant to accept the new gods, and as punishment the Prior caused a mysterious illness to spread among the population. Vachna was among the first to fall victim to the Prior plague and was close to death when Vala cured him with the Goa'uld healing device as an example of the power of technology. Her efforts provided only a temporary solution, however, and Vachna and many others fell ill again as the plague devastated the population. The people begged the Prior for forgiveness, and through the power of his staff all the inhabitants were cured, but the planet had fallen to the Ori.

Portrayed by: Pablo Coffey

Cross Reference: Azdak, P8X-412

Episode Reference: The Powers That Be