Vala and Daniel had been enjoying a meal at Il Fiore Bianco when Vala was abducted by Trust operatives working for Charlotte Mayfield. Charlotte was in reality the Goa'uld Athena, who had once partnered with Qetesh in search of the Clava Thessara Infinitas. Still searching for the treasure, Athena had kidnapped Vala, the former host to Qetesh, with the intention of probing Vala's subconscious for remnants of the Goa'uld's memories. As SG teams mounted a rescue and raided the warehouse where Vala was being held, a blast from a zat gun caused a power overload in the memory recall device, and Vala's memory was erased.

Vala escaped, and as she wandered the street, lost and confused, she was drawn to Sol's Diner and the delightful aroma of the blue plate special. She ordered the meal but was unable to pay for it, however Sal, the kindhearted owner, offered to help her out. Unable to remember her own name, Vala took the name Val and became a waitress at Sol's Diner. She had been working for Sal for approximately two weeks when two thugs entered the diner one day and announced a robbery. Acting on instinct, Val disarmed them both single-handedly, raising questions about her past.

Val was taken to the Metro Police Station in Colorado Springs where she was questioned by Detective Ryan as a witness to the robbery. Taking her cue from a child's painting in Ryan's office labeled "To Dad," Val gave her full name as "Valerie Todad," but her evasive answers aroused further suspicions, and Ryan sent out a police bulletin for her identification which was received by both the SGC and the Trust. A Trust operative impersonating Colonel Carter arrived to take custody of Val, but as Mitchell pursued on a motorcycle, Val escaped and captured Mitchell instead. Unable to accept his explanation of aliens and abductions, Val set out on her own again until she, SG-1, and the Trust converged on a warehouse. There, as a shootout raged, Daniel confronted Val, and flashes of memories began to return. Vala returned to the SGC, and with time her memories were restored.

Portrayed by: Claudia Black

Cross Reference: Athena, Vala Mal Doran, Detective Ryan, Sal, Sol's Diner

Episode Reference: Memento Mori