Dr. Reya Varrick had been appointed to head the project that was working to develop the memory implant technology on Galar. She had been married to Dr. Marell, who was also involved with the project, but their work had interfered with their marriage, and they had been separated for about two years, although Marell continued to hope that a reconciliation was possible.

Dr. Varrick firmly believed that the project should remain under civilian control, but about a year after her appointment, the Emissary pushed up the testing schedule and selected military personnel as test subjects without her approval. Upon hearing of the change of plans, Varrick angrily confronted the Emissary at a reception, after which she was escorted home by Mitchell. However, the next morning, Dr. Varrick was found murdered in her home, killed by blunt trauma to the head caused by a piece of sculpture, and Mitchell awoke with the memory of having killed her.

Dr. Varrick's colleagues and the Emissary assumed that Mitchell had been framed for a murder committed by the military because of Varrick's opposition to the militarization of the project, and they expected that Mitchell would claim diplomatic immunity and be released, allowing the entire incident to be swept under the rug. However, Mitchell insisted on submitting to testing by the memory implant device in order to prove his innocence and to identify the real killer. The testing revealed that Varrick had been murdered by Dr. Marell, who had been jealous of Mitchell's interest in his wife, and who had implanted the memory of the murder into Mitchell's mind before erasing it from his own.

Portrayed by: Anna Galvin

Cross Reference: Dr. Amuro, Emissary, Galar, Galarans, Dr. Marell, Memory Implant Device

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage