Odai Ventrell, an off-world human, is an interplanetary bounty hunter by profession. When Netan took out a bounty on SG-1, Ventrell intended to target Mitchell and use him as bait to capture all of SG-1. Several Serrakin and Oranian bounty hunters also sought to collect the bounty on Mitchell, but Ventrell eliminated each of those and eventually caught up with Mitchell at his high school reunion in Kansas.

Ventrell had left his cargo ship in a field several miles from the school, and he imitated Mitchell's voice on the phone to the SGC to request the assistance of SG-1. Then he mingled with the guests at the reunion, where he and Vala recognized each other, having had an encounter in the past. Ventrell used advanced technology to his advantage, including an alien weapon that fires an orange energy blast, and a wrist control device with which he was able to activate a personal force field, close and magnetically seal the doors to the gymnasium where the reunion was held, and remotely pilot his cargo ship and activate its ring transporter. Ventrell trapped the reunion guests and threatened to start killing hostages unless SG-1 surrendered to him, then he remotely flew his cargo ship to the roof of the school in preparation for his escape.

What Ventrell didn't realize was that SG-1 had already located his ship and Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c were on board attempting to override the command code when the ship was deposited on the school. SG-1 activated the Chimera holographic device to make it appear that they had beamed into the gym, but when Ventrell activated the rings to escape, he, Mitchell, and Vala were transported aboard his ship where Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c were waiting to capture him. Rather than take him prisoner, however, SG-1 encouraged Ventrell to take advantage of the unrest in the Lucian Alliance to seek his reward for capturing Netan instead. Taking the suggestion, Ventrell approached Netan aboard his mothership and dispatched a would-be assassin. Netan promised him rich rewards, but Ventrell insisted that it was not saving Netan's life for which he would be richly rewarded, and he turned his weapon on Netan.

Portrayed by: Mike Dopud

Cross Reference: Chimera, George Washington High School, Lucian Alliance, Netan

Episode Reference: Bounty