Ver Ager is a village on a blue Earth-like planet in the Ori galaxy. The architecture, clothing, and culture are reminiscent of medieval Europe, but the language and writing are those shared by the Ori and the Ancients. The village is under the control of the Ori who demand that the human inhabitants worship them as gods according to the religion of Origin. In the center of the village is the Ara, a type of altar in the shape of the symbol of Origin, which is used to deliver unbelievers for divine judgment in a trial of fire as those suspected of heresy are burned alive. It is also near the Ara that the population gathers regularly for prostration, obligatory periods of public worship and prayer that can last as much as six hours at a time. The key political and religious leader of the village was the Administrator, until he was brought to Celestis to be transformed into a Prior. Ver Ager was also the home of Harrid and Sallis Cicera and their colleague Fannis, who questioned the teachings of Origin. When Daniel and Vala activated the Ancient communication terminal at the SGC, their consciousnesses were transported to Ver Ager where they communicated through the bodies of Harrid and Sallis. However, the Prior had decreed that the village of Ver Ager had been corrupted, and he used Daniel and Vala to seek out other unbelievers. Harrid and Sallis were accused of heresy and were burned at the Ara in Ver Ager.

Cross Reference: Administrator, Ancient Communication Stone, Ancient Communication Terminal, Anti-Ori Underground, Ara, Harrid Cicera, Sallis Cicera, Fannis, Ori, Prior, Prostration, Ver Isca

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin