The X-301 Interceptor was an experimental hybrid craft built by a team of SGC engineers headed by Spellman and Webber, using an American design and two recovered Goa'uld death gliders. The craft was designed for two pilots, and its unique technology didn't exert force against gravity so much as take inertia out of the equation, thus virtually eliminating the effect of G-forces. Intended as a platform from which to launch an attack against a Goa'uld mothership, the X-301 was equipped with stealth technology and two AIM-120A air-to-air missiles that could be armed with naquadah-enhanced warheads and modified with a shield-frequency modulator. However, unknown to the engineers, the death gliders used in the ship's construction had been sabotaged by a hidden recall device designed to return them to Apophis's homeworld. During its test flight, the recall device activated and sent the X-301 craft hurtling into deep space, and it had to be abandoned after the rescue of pilots O'Neill and Teal'c.

Cross Reference: Area 51, Paul Davis, Death Glider, Spellman, General Vidrine, Webber, X-302, X-303

Episode Reference: Tangent