The X-699, a plasma cannon weapon based on alien technology, was developed at the SGC by Carter and Dr. Lee. Similar in appearance to an oversized machine gun with a glowing blue muzzle, the weapon draws its power from a miniature naquadah generator perched on top and fires individual greenish plasma blasts. The device was presented to the scientific community by Dr. Lee at the Applied Technologies conference, where Carter also presented the Chimera Optics Projection System, a device capable of creating realistic holographic projections in real time. Because the alien nature of their research was classified, however, Carter and Lee needed to add certain flaws to their demonstrations in order to preserve the illusion that their work was still in the process of development, and during Dr. Lee's demonstration of the X-699, the device sparked and misfired and short circuited. However, when an alien bounty hunter attempted to assassinate Carter on stage, she was able to bypass the main power coupling of the plasma cannon and activate it. With a single shot, Carter successfully eliminated the assassin in the balcony in front of a bewildered but enthusiastic audience who believed her actions were part of the demonstration.

Cross Reference: Applied Technologies, Chimera, Bill Lee, Plasma Weapon

Episode Reference: Bounty