Xe'ls, (pronounced "zales"), is one of the native humanoid Spirits of PXY-887. The Spirits are able to change their appearance at will, and Xe'ls adopted the form of a raven, the main spirit in the beliefs of the Salish people. It was Xe'ls who drove the Goa'uld from the planet millennia ago, and the Spirits continue to protect the native Salish inhabitants.

When the SGC tried to mine trinium from the planet, Xe'ls told Tonané to shoot an arrow through the active stargate as a warning not to return. His warning was not heeded, and Xe'ls and other Spirits came to Earth in the form of SGC personnel with the intention of destroying the base to prevent further interference. However, he spared the base when his own life was spared, and he agreed to return to Tonané's people in his true form.

Portrayed by: Alex Zahara

Cross Reference: Captain Conner, PXY-887, Salish, Spirits, T'akaya, Tonané

Episode Reference: Spirits